UPS|TRUST|600 Watts|1000 VA|Wave form type Simulated sinewave|23504

Artikuls: 23504
Garantija: 24
Ražotājs: TRUST
125.00 €
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Detalizēta informācija
Vendor Homepage
Unit Gross Weight 9
Unit Net Weight 7.8
Shipping box quantity 1
Colour Black
Output power capacity, VA 1000
Output power capacity, W 600
Wave form type Simulated sinewave
Overload Yes
Unit Brutto Volume 0.014
Dimensions 320 x 182 x 130mm
Status Yes

600 Watts | 1000 VA | Wave form type Simulated sinewave | Overload | Status | Colour Black

Paxxon 1000VA UPS with 4 standard wall power outlets

  • Reliable 1000VA UPS with built-in battery
  • Provides temporary battery power during power outage; prevents loss of data and damage to hardware
  • 4 wall power outlets with battery and surge protection to connect your computer, computer peripherals, networking equipment, flatscreen TV, home automation products or alarm system
  • Surge protected outputs to prevent damage from power surges, spikes and fluctuations
  • USB port and software to monitor the status of the UPS, sending alerts and automatic shutdown of your computer
  • AVR function to ensure stable 230V output voltage
  • Clear audible alerts when the power goes out, so you have time to save your files and shut down your computer
  • Built-in overload, discharge, and overcharge protection

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